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Kristina Alderson - Director
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Krysallis Philosophy

Krysallis believes in an awareness of self, inner truth and honesty to regulate daily life. When we possess these qualities we become more positive in our outlook and are able to adapt ourselves motivationally. Not only do we utilise our strength and willpower we begin to gain new ideals which enhance our existance. We increase our potential.

Negativity, on the other hand, radiates inconsistency, insecurity and self doubt. The aim at Krysallis is to eradicate or reduce this inconsistency.

A holistic approach to self healing is encouraged and nurtured at Krysallis. All hypnotherapy, complementary therapies and counselling are carried out with the highest integrity and in the best interests of the client.

A warm and caring environment is essential for self healing. This is an integral part of the services provided at Krysallis.

Many of today's therapies cross reference and can be utilised subsequently or follow on from one another.

Kristina has obtained a broad base of these learnings over many years and continues to seek knowledge and learning for the betterment of her clients.

It is recommended that clients always ask their therapist for their qualifications or their understanding of the therapies used in order to obtain the best professional service available.

REMEMBER: If you have serious medical problems Natural Therapies may aid you in your healing but may not cure you. ALWAYS seek professional medical advice in these circumstances.