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EFT- Emotional Freedom Therapy
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EFT - Emotional Freedom Therapy

EFT - Emotional Freedom Therapy (utilising beginnings from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Thought Field Therapy) is an emotional healing technique for trauma, post traumatic stress, phobias, grief, anger, guilt, anxiety, cravings etc. It is capable of dramatically relieving many physical symptoms eg: pain, headaches, asthma, panic attacks etc.

Gentle and non-invasive it honors and respects the body's own wisdom and capacity for healing by restabilising energy in a healthy direction.

A series of tapping sequences and affirmations are used to restore balance and harmony to the meridians of the body which become disrupted when people experience emotionally disturbing circumstances. Actual memory stays the same but the charge is gone. It has a lasting result and can be repeated until diffused.

Many psychologists and psychiatrists are now using this therapy.