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About Kristina Alderson

Past Life & Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapy

The information presented on this website reflects my knowledge, beliefs and practices over many years. Each individual’s life is made up of different experiences, beliefs and practices. There is not one solution alone that remedies everything in our lives. Our lives are like a jigsaw puzzle and our aim is to find the different pieces, recognise them, fit them together to make a more harmonious picture of our existence.

Wanting to understand experiences in my own life brought me to explore and undergo past life regression many, many years ago which was the impetus I needed to break out of the cocoon and grow. Believing in re-incarnation as a child I continued to use my understanding as I journeyed my pathway through life. My personal experiences and journey have brought me to my beliefs today.

Over the years, and prior to my TNI training, I facilitated many past life regressions, with some clients experiencing a deeper soul level connection through Life Between Lives. My own experiences with LBL (Life Between Lives) and soul level have allowed me to explore that wondrous realm which is a very important part of my everyday being and existence.

After reading Dr Michael Newton’s two best selling books – “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls” on his amazing and incredible regression technique (a culmination of 40 years of research, I felt compelled to undergo his TNI (The Newton Institute) training to promote this wondrous work that can so enhance an individual’s learning and understanding about themselves as an eternal being, their reason for their existence and to facilitate healing in their current life.

Kristina trained with Paul Aurand of the Holistic Healing Center, New York in Advanced Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Techniques prior to The Newton Institute. This training has enhanced her work with Life Between Lives.

Training with The Newton Institute and the Holistic Healing Centre far surpasses any other hypnotic spiritual regression training available.

I feel very privileged and proud to have received both professional and recognised training in this field and to be the first fully certified and trained Newton LBL Spiritual Regression Therapist in Western Australia.

Every person has their own belief system and for those who allow themselves to explore other possibilities of existence, both Past Life and Life Between Lives sessions will help put those doubts into perspective for the conscious mind. It can assist you to view things more clearly and define a better way to travel your path in this lifetime.

Kristina is an intuitive and utilises her knowledge of the healing arts in her sessions. Kristina is a clinical and spiritual bodyworker, professional counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist. (See separate sections of website)