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Colour Therapy

Healing with colour is an ancient art which was, and is today, utlised by many cultures worldwide. Rudolph Steiner brought colour therapy more to notice in the western world in the early 20th century. Since then many schools and therapy techniques utilising colour have been developed.

Colour therapy can be used in many ways.
To describe a few :

  • Blocked energy in the physical body can be dispelled and the body balanced by using colour therapy.
  • We relate to colour of our surroundings eg the vibrancy or calming effect.
  • We are able to manage pain with colour, apply relaxation techniques, motivation and much more.
  • By developing an awareness of colour consciousness we encourage self development and growth.

Krysallis uses energy and colour balancing to promote wellbeing in clients. By utilising colour with other complementary therapies a well balanced approach to self healing is encouraged.