About Bowen Therapy & Emmett Technique
What is Bowen Therapy & Emmett Technique good for?
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About Bowen Therapy & Emmett Technique

What is Bowen Therapy?
Bowen Therapy is an Australian based therapy developed by Tom Bowen who practised and refined his work over three decades. Bowen is a gentle non-intrusive bodywork technique using specific cross fibre moves on designated points of the muscle and connective tissue. This encourages a reduction of fluid or inflamation which assists in the remobilisation of body joints and promotes the body's natural healing process to work more quickly and efficiently. As oil is not required these moves can be carried out on the skin or through light clothing, differing to traditional massage.

Why Bowen works?
The client is able to relax allowing the body to fine tune or subtly adjust itself which helps to relieve tension, reduce pain and restore balance. In many cases long standing pain which has not responded to other treatment can be relieved in 2 or 3 sessions, although further treatment may be required. It is applicable in most acute stages of sprains and strains and on symptoms of some chronic disease states.

How does it work?
Where other physical therapy modalities address the muscular-skeletal structures, Bowen works on the connective tissue/fascial planes of the body. When we suffer some kind of trauma or illness our body loses mobility, the fascia (connective tissue) loses fluidity and is unable to function properly. Bowen seems able to produce amazing physical and emotional changes with a minimum of therapy. It is safe and effective for people of all ages.


Emmett Technique

Ross Emmett has been working with and developing his amazing technique since the 1980’s. A remedial massage therapist, Bowen Therapist and Bowen Instructor of many years, his therapy has continually evolved and can be utilized as a stand alone therapy or in conjunction with other bodywork modalities.

The Emmett Technique utilises memory related points by de-activating and sedating these points to reduce pain and improve movement. Amazing results have been obtained with this treatment. Emmett Technique is now being taught and utilized in many countries around the world.