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Intuitive/ Psychic Development
Personal Development
Stress Management

Intuitive/Psychic Development

This course is a basic 8 week introductory course in psychic development and self awareness.

Week 1:
Intuition and psychic abilities. Belief systems. Spirit guides

Week 2:
Auras and the physical body. Psychometry - the ability to intuite
from jewellery, photos etc

Week 3:
Healing with crystals. Pendulum and dowsing. Flower essences

Week 4:
Chakra's of the body. Astral travel. Automatic writing

Week 5:
Astrology: Explore your birthright by studying your own natal chart

Week 6:
Tarot. Discover the meaning of the cards

Week 7:
Healing and Energy work - Spiritual Healing and Reiki

Week 8:
Bringing the knowledge gained into daily life and utilising it

A basic guided meditation will be conducted at the beginning and end of each session advancing in awareness and visualisation from week to week.

Weekday and evening sessions. Ongoing groups and workshops available

Upcoming Classes:
Further course information and dates can be obtained by contacting Kristina at Krysallis Healing Centre.