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Personal Development Course

Who am I? Healing the self from within
This Personal Development Course is a journey of self discovery and acceptance

Week 1: What makes us tick?
Personality, attitudes, conditioning and life experiences

Week 2: Our Image
How we perceive ourself - do we need to alter that image

Week 3: Our Differences
Learning to appreciate our uniqueness

Week 4: Effective Communication
Skills on "How to Listen". Emotional noise

Week 5: Stress & Anxiety Management
How to cope with stress in our lives

Week 6: Understanding grief and loss
Feelings, their expression and suppression

Week 7: Aspirations, goals and objectives
Using positive learning from our experiences. Self awareness

Week 8: Self Actualisation.
Setting long term goals and planning strategies.
Self esteem and self worth.

Weekday and evening sessions. Ongoing groups and workshops available.

Upcoming Classes:
Further course information and dates can be obtained by contacting Kristina at Krysallis Healing Centre.