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Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression

Exploring the soul’s immortal journey

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression flows on from Past Life Regression allowing access to soul memories at soul level, bridging the gap of physical incarnations and connecting with immortal life in the spirit world.

What if :

  • You could tap into information that gained clarity of your soul’s purpose.
  • You could experience your eternal home in the spirit world, gaining a deeper understanding and insight of relationships and the people in your current life.
  • You could experience a deep and profound sense of peace and compassion connecting you with your eternal self

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapy can offer this awareness and much more.

Having experienced, over the years, many techniques for regression and spiritual development, the doctrine taught by the Newton Institute is the most proficient and rewarding for clients I have experienced and been part of. I feel very privileged and humbled to witness s soul rediscovering their true essence.

Dr Michael Newton developed his amazing Life Between Lives process over a 40 year span. His clinical research is documented in his books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.

I am proud to be the first Life Between Lives Spiritual Regressionist in Western Australia to be trained by The Newton Institute.

The knowledge and awareness you gain in a Life Between Lives session are YOUR experiences. Your understanding and learning. You may be shown life lessons, aspects or details that are relevant to your life and ways in which to improve your perception of them. In other words, “Only that which is relevant to you at the time will be shown to you”. This allows greater insight and understanding. The wisdom at soul level that you have carried through different lifetimes, the choice of body you made for this lifetime, the family you were born into and your experiences can give you a more profound clarity and purpose in your everyday life.

Exploring the soul’s journey into the Spirit Realm is like opening the door of the soul’s “eternal” memories. When in our earthly body we block our spiritual awareness in order to test our personal growth and our progression as souls. When we open our spiritual awareness we are able to enhance our physical being and elevate our vibrational energy.

An LBL (Life Between Lives) experience is very profound, producing positive changes in people’s lives, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. LBL requires a deep level of hypnosis. To achieve this a Past Life session is recommended to familiarise yourself with the hypnotic process and establish an ability to achieve an adequate trance level.

From my experience as a spiritual regressionist I have found that people who have previously undergone Past Therapy will benefit much more by undertaking a Past Life Regression prior to a Life Between Lives session. It may have been some time since your Past Life Regression and much may have happened in your life since then. The Past Life Regression encourages the client’s conscious mind to come up to date with the here and now, prior to experiencing a Life Between Lives session, enabling much more awareness to evolve.