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Past Life Spiritual Regression

Healing the present by letting go of the past

Have you ever felt you have met someone before, you feel a special bond or connection with them?

Experienced an inexplicable feeling about a time in history, a certain place, situation or event and felt a desire and curiosity to explore that further?

These memories are retained at soul level, which is beyond the full understanding and awareness of the conscious mind.

Past Life Regression Therapy is based on the belief that we are eternal beings and carry forward our learning and experiences from past lives. PLR allows you to experience a previous lifetime enabling the soul to bring information forward into the current lifetime for you to utilise. As soul’s, we select the lessons we will work through in our current lifetime and can access information from our past life memories that is relevant to our current lifetime to understand and enhance our journey. It is possible to free yourself from negative patterns, beliefs and physical ailments that are no longer needed, adding new dimensions and meaning to life.

It is important to experience a Past Life Regression prior to undertaking a Life Between Lives session to understand how the subconscious mind works. The depth of trance required for a beneficial and therapeutic session is deeper than a “normal” hypnosis session. You experience how it feels to be at this depth and how you perceive your experiences. By just experiencing and letting it evolve the conscious mind is able to relax and let go. The body and mind more attuned.

Some people are satisfied with one session, while others may wish to explore their past lives further