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What Happens in a Session

Essential requirements prior to your session

  • Come to the session well rested.
  • As the session is long, it may take up to four (4) hours, eat something light beforehand and avoid too much caffeine.
  • Time goes by very quickly when undergoing a LBL session.
  • Don’t organise a hectic schedule after your session.
  • Allow time for contemplation after your session, preferably a few hours.
  • As your mind will continue to process information it is important to allow time for reflection.

Your LBL session commences with deep relaxation and regression back to early childhood, then into the womb. Many people are able to attain a sense of combining their soul energy with the physical brain and body of the unborn child. We venture into a past life and the last day of that life. You remember your death and how it feels to return to your immortal soul state. This experience often releases the fear of death, which each and every one of us must experience in our lifetime. Any past life issues that may have been experienced in your previous session can be worked on here to release unwanted burdens.

Once your soul has left your body you will begin your journey into the Spirit Realm. You may discover your purpose here on earth in this lifetime, discussing any contracts that were pre-arranged with your Spirit Guide or Soul Mates. Wise Beings or Spiritual Advisors may discuss with you why you chose your family, the body that you reside in and your purpose of life. There are many areas that one can traverse in the Spirit Realm.

On completion of an LBL session clients have a much greater sense of who they are as an immortal being and why their current physical life is important.

It is important to understand that not everyone will have the same experiences as detailed in Dr Newton’s books. You will be shown what is right for you at this particular time.