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"Reiki" is the Japanese word representing Universal Life Energy. "Re" means universal spirit, essence - "Ki" means vital force energy or Qi or Chi. Reiki is an ancient wisdom which awakens an innate power within you. In the 19th century Dr Mikao Usui introduced the Usui System of Natural Healing to the western world.

Reiki is a "hands on" healing technique. Universal Life Energy flows through the channel's hands awakening the natural body healing process in the client. It is simple and effective, non intrusive and safe. Reiki is a very gentle and very powerful modality.

Reiki allows people to reach a very relaxed state of being. Depending on a person's vibrational level it can be almost the same as a deep meditation. They may even fall asleep! (that's ok).

Our body never lies - but we have forgotten how to "listen" to it. When we allow ourself to connect with our body we understand what our needs are concerning diet, exercise, rest, meditation, etc.

Reiki is a wonderful tool to help us address our being on all levels.