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Spiritual Healing

The essence of Spiritual Healing:
"Healing of the sick in mind, body and spirit by energies obtained by attunement through prayer or meditation, whether or not in the presence of the patient".

Spiritual energies are transformed by the channel of a trained healer to induce a beneficial effect on the patient's energy field or life force. Healing is offered on all levels of the body, mind and spirit.

Spiritual Healing releases unwanted stress and tension in the body reducing dis-ease and illness. It reduces pain from the past and encourages wellbeing for the future.

The healer will work on all levels of the aura as well as the physical being.

When spiritual healing is applied it is carried out with the utmost integrity and with the client's permission. A feeling of love and wellbeing is felt by the recipient and may have a lasting effect on them encouraging positive growth and fullfillment in life.